Who am I?

Hi, I am Abbas and I live in Tehran. I’m a guide of Tehran since Sep 2015. I'm interested in culture and history, and I am always looking to share it with others.

And of course, I’ll do Free Walking tours! This means that I won’t charge you, like any free walking tour in the world is tip base. All you need is to grab your backpack and walk with me along the streets of Tehran. That’s how our journey begins.

How it works:

  1. First, just contact me and suggest a day and perhaps let me know what you are interested in.
  2. When I have received your request, I will design a tour plan, and describe my suggestion to you.
  3. After we agree on a good plan, we meet up and walk the tour together!

What does a typical tour look like?

I will show you some interesting parts of Persian culture and historical sites, for example, museums, coffee shops, restaurants, nature spots, galleries, streets of interest, or entertainment areas.

Each time we go to different places and see different things, it depends on who is joining. Sometimes we go hiking in the mountains just north of Tehran. So, pack your day packs and join these events!

When can we go?

I normally do one tour a week. On daytime on Persian weekends (that is Thursday and Friday) and all other days only evenings, 5-10 PM.

The tour date and time is decided upon request.


Do not hesitate to make a request or ask me questions on

Looking forward to hearing from you! Just please bring me a postage stamp or something else from your country as a memory!

City Knowledge
Problem Solving
General Knowledge
Persian (Native)
English (Professional)
German (Limited)
Arabic (Limited)
Russian (Alphabet!)
Kurdish (Elementary)



Some Tehran Tours

You'll love our Tours. Check it out story some of them! For privacy reasons I don't share a lot of photos. You can check Tours logs page


looking forward to hearing from you
Find me at:
Vali-asr Sq Tehran, Iran
Be in touch
E-mail: me@abbasm.com Phone: +989377452425

Blog Updates

In this blog I am writing anything about Iran and about what it’s like travelling to this country. My hope is that you may learn some Iranian culture and how to solve typical problems arriving to foreign visitors here.

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Souzian Homestay - Experience local Lifestyle

Souzian logo     For a unique experience, we lunch Souzian homestay. We like to be Airbnb of Iran. It's not just a home or place. It's life as an Iranian. with the Iranian family. Iranian food. Iranian outgoing, Iranian Dress style. Check out Souzian.com
Hostel in Tehran
I know some hostels and private apartments in Tehran so they rent to you every night with cheap price. Also you can pay with PayPal. For more information and booking Contact me
Some thing else
If you are going to work with local business or you want to extend your business, I can give you consultation as an experienced idea provider. Considering my 2 year experience in walking tours and knowing all social media, we can have a meeting in your office for solving your problems.
If you are going to have business communications with Iranian companies and you don’t know Persian language and culture, I will help you. We can discuss your project in a friendly place like a café.
Below, is a graphical view of the countries, where travellers I guided came from