Hi, I am Abbas and I live in Tehran. I’m interested in culture and history and I always looking around to find them and share them with others.

And of course I’ll do this for free! This mean that I won’t charge you ?. All you need is to grab you backpack and walk with me along the streets of Tehran. That’s how our journey begin.

There is an event once a week (scheduled on Persian calendar weekends) and during this events, I will show you some interesting parts of Persian’s culture and history. different places and things each time. So, pack your bags and join this events.

journey costs: I guess you’d be like: Come Oooon, you said it’s free!!! Yes dude, it’s free, but you have to pay for your own food or transportation. During this events, everybody will pay for himself/herself. so, bring some peace of colored, well painted papers called money to pay for your own things!

and finally: do not hesitate to ask me questions on my telegram account @Abbasm.


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