The Tehran city have good and modern underground rail system. This Metro included 4 lines and working from 5:30 Am to 10 PM every days. Lines connect south to north and west to east of city.

Underground Lines:

  1. Red Line: South to North
  2. Blue Line: West to east
  3. Sky blue Line: South West to North East
  4. Yellow like: very west to south east

Download app: Tehran Metro (EN/FA) Google PlayiTunes [by Fardad .Co]

For use underground or Bus you need to have paper or rechargable e-ticket.

Tickets of Metro and Bus

Credit and rechargeable e-ticket card (Bus and Metro)

E-Ticket card start with 20.000 IRR or 2.000 Tomans [enough for 3 trip]

  • One way paper ticket (Metro) Price: 7.000 IRR or 700 Toman
  • Two way paper ticket (Metro) Price: 11.000 IRR or 1.100 Toman

In any underground stations you can purchase or recharge any model of cards.

Enjoy ??

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