Why you have to travel to Iran? Yes for this.

4,000 kilometers, 12 cities, 30 days — it just wasn't enough! I'm left wanting more! Iran surpassed all my expectations, and in the process shattered every misconception I ever had! The kindest most hospitable people I've ever met, the most amazing food, ancient Persian history, incredible scenery, and did I mention the food was ridiculously good? ? Iran is also extremely safe, so don't believe the bullshit on TV. I've never felt safer anywhere else except Japan. It's so hard to say goodbye! ? To all of my host families خیلی ممنون ?? miss you already! I can't wait to come back again, and explore more of this beautiful yet very misunderstood country. I have many favorites, but now I have a favorite among the favorites! ❤️?? Up next… Erbil, Iraq ??

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Iran is one of the easiest and cool countries for backpackers via borderjunkie



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